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What is FreeConferenceCallHD?

FreeConferenceCallHD is a free conferencing service supporting high definition voice quality and allowing for users to join a conference call via a variety of phones, such as PSTN, softphone, hard phone and custom PBX.

How do I sign up for a FreeConferenceCallHD account?

Click on the sign up button from the home page, fill out the registration form and you will be provided with an account immediately.

Is there a limit on the length of a FreeConferenceCallHD conference call?

Yes, 6 hours per conference call including recording and there is no limit on how many hours you wish to conference each month.

Is there a limit to how many conference calls I can make?

No, you may conduct an unlimited number of conference calls.

How many callers can be on a single conference call?

The maximum number of callers is 1,000 and there is no required minimum.

Can I record my conference calls?

Yes, you can record your conference calls and retrieve them from your account. Recording instructions are provided on the Support page.

What is Conference View?

Conference View is the dashboard for your conference calls. This is where you control and manage your live conferences. The dashboard allows the host to view all joining participants, as well as record, mute, hold, lock conference, identify participants, drop participants, conduct Q&A sessions and broadcast audio files.

What is Q&A queue and how does it work?

The Q&A queue on your Conference View dashboard is used to notify you as the host that a participant has a question when they are in the Q&A mode. The Q&A queue allows you to engage the individual so that they may ask a question.

Can I broadcast recorded audio files on my live conference calls?

Yes, you may play recorded audio files on your live conference calls using the In-Conference Broadcast tool found to the right of your Conference View page. You must login to your account to access the broadcasting tool.

Problems creating an account or connecting to the web interface?

This may be due to your firewall. Please contact your network administrator and allow firewall access to the following port and web address: - tcp port:5142

What type of files may I broadcast on my live conference calls?

You may broadcast any previously recorded conference calls that are already stored in your account and you may also play .WAV or MP3 files.

Do I need to download a program to broadcast my recorded audio files?

No, the broadcasting tool is embedded in your account under the Conference View page.

How do I upload audio files to be played by the broadcasting tool?

Go to the Conference View page and click on the Broadcaster icon found on the right hand side of the page. A window will display where you can upload files by clicking on the Upload Files icon found to the right side of the In-Conference Broadcast tool.

How do I setup a conference call?

Organize all conference call attendees, provide them with the conference dial-in number and participant access code.

How do I record my conference calls?

To record your conference calls please refer to the Support page for complete recording instructions.

What are the costs involved in a FreeConferenceCallHD service?

Only long distance charges by each caller’s carrier apply depending on the type of phone they are using. There are no charges from Free Conferencing Corporation.

I hear echo or static on my conference call?

If you experience static or echo on your conference call, this may be due to a microphone, headset or speaker phone. To eliminate the noise or feedback mute all callers using the *5 featured key or use the web controls.